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cafe & Bar


Samford is renowned throughout Brisbane as a classy consistent Cafe destination.

25 mins drive from the CBD, cross the ranges of the National Park and Samford’s green rural palette beckons you to a slower rhythm.

Here, we love our coffee. We have developed our own roast, and are very proud of every cup we serve. We have a range of wonderful Organic Loose Leaf Teas to explore, with no tea bags on the premises!

Our evening Cocktail Bar turns “Virgin” each morning and offers fresh Juices, Smoothies and Mocktails. Our expert Baristas offers our coffee: robust, fresh and artistically prepared with loads of care in each cup. Our Chef’s offer you a breakfast menu reflecting the simple elegant dishes you find here for Lunch and Dinner.

Breakfast is served from 7.45am to 11am.

Lunch is served from 11.30am to 2pm. (fully licensed)


Cafe Menu

    • Breakfast

    • Toasted Banana Bread


      Mascarpone foam, toasted walnuts, Samford Raw Honey

    • Almond Pannacotta


      blueberry compote, vanilla ice cream

    • Maleny Yogurt


      Mixed berries, house granola

    • Waffles Chocolate Sorbet


      poached pears, toasted almonds

    • Fruit Toast & Butter


      Organic sourdough fruit and nut toast

    • Sauteed Mushrooms on Grilled Polenta


      Poached eggs and Italian sausage

    • Purgatory Eggs


      Poached in house Nap tomato sauce, grilled Haloumi  & sourdough

    • Sourdough Rye & Salmon


      Sourdough Rye, Smoked Salmon, smoked Provola, smashed avocado

    • Feta & Avo


      Sourdough Toast, Smashed Avo, house marinated feta

    • Fritters & Fried Eggs


      Corn and Carrot Potato fritters, house BBQ sauce, fried eggs, chorizo sausage

    • Classic Bacon and Eggs


      grilled tomato, grilled mushroom, Ciabatta

    • Truffle Benedict


      sourdough bread, truffle paste, poached eggs, house hollandaise

    • Sandwiches to Order

    • Sourdough Serrano Sandwich


      Spanish Serrano, Mozzerella, Avocado, Lettuce

    • Bacon and Egg Brioche

    • White Toastie


      Ham cheese tomato

    • Vegetarian Rye Sourdough


      Avocado, Marinated Fetta, Spinach, Tomato, salad

Bar Menu

    • Cocktails

    • Berry Punch


      Pimm’s, Aperol & Sparkling Wine floating on an icy bed of fresh berries

    • Detour


      Vodka & Chambord with fresh squeezed Orange and Pineapple juice

    • Pirate Patch


      Kraken & Malibu blended with Fresh Passionfruit & Mango pulp

    • Grand Maker


      Maker’s Mark & Captain Morgan blended with lime juice and egg white, stained with Angostura Bitters

    • Spritz


      Aperol, Prosecco, muddled with orange wedge, freshened with sparkling water

    • Moscow Mule


      Vodka, Brewed Ginger Beer and fresh mint

    • French Martini


      Vodka, Chambord and fresh pineapple juice

    • Mojito


      White Rum, sugar cane syrup, lime wedges and sparkling water

    • Espresso Martini


      Vodka & Coffee Liqour Double espresso shot and sugar cane syrup

    • Long Island Iced Tea


      Gin, Triple Sec, White Rum, Tequila, Vodka, fresh Lime juice & Cola

    • Margarita


      Tequila, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice and sugar cane syrup

    • AmarettoSour


      Amaretto, Fresh Lime juice, Bitters and Egg White

    • Pina Colada


      White Rum, Caribbean Rum, Fresh sugar cane, Lime and Pineapple juices



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